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Meet Your Perfectly Imperfect

Self Empowerment Guide

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I'm a holistic creative, a transformative guide, and an intercultural web weaver. 


I'm also an explorer, a friend, a deep listener, and an inevitably imperfect, sometimes confused seeker who's doing my best to live my life to the fullest, while striving to help you to do the same for yourself.


I believe that we have potential to rise to the level of our best selves by cultivating inner resources to awaken to, and to embody self-evident truth. I also believe that we are most in a position to do this by forging community.

Setting out to find oneself through others has been a theme in my life. It's a pursuit that compelled me to move to South America to embark on a 10 year + journey under a premise to research and write a memoir inspired by living wisdom in the Americas.

I’ve met and interviewed many inspiring artists, musicians, healers, shamanic practitioners, visionaries, entrepreneurs, community leaders who’ve helped me realize that I was not alone in feeling alone; that I wasn't the only one as bold and seemingly stupid as to leave my stable and dependable previous life behind in order to embark on a path of not knowing, of finding oneself through encounter with others.