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This is a book about the traditions, communities, events, people, and other circumstances that have helped me to open myself further into my true nature. It is about my voyage of healing and personal growth, as this relates to the world that called these changes forth.[the lifebook has a different purpose than this.]

This is a book about those who have influenced me

The insights offered are grounded in my experience as a traveler, storyteller and creator, seeker, and community web weaver who’s spent the last handful of years living and traveling through vast landscapes of South America. I do not claim to have all of the answers you need. But what I offer are practical insights to help you along the way that are grounded in my experience as a curious explorer making way to meet the first galactivators. 

Along with telling the story of my own transformational journey, Just Follow the Llamas brings alive stories from others who are finding their way to make meaningful change in the world. I’ve met and interviewed inspiring musicians, filmmakers, writers and bloggers, healers, change-makers and community builders, who offer perspective into aspects of their own journeys: where they came from and how they got to where they are, what has driven them to do what they do, their biggest challenges and what they have done to overcome these barriers. 

The ultimate aim in doing this has been to offer guidance to you about how to move forward in creating a more meaningful life, by cultivating your gifts, becoming a more couragurious explorer, engaging with new communities, and developing meaningful relationships.  

This is a story about "us," voyagers from all parts of the globe, of all ages and backgrounds, who've sluffed away past habits, limiting attachments, jobs, parted ways with loved ones, with a yearning to understand, and to open into a more complete embodiment of our true nature.