• Scott Montgomery

Seven Ways to Find the Way to Your Life's Next Big Thing

Recognize that you are not lost.

The process of coming to know oneself is about accepting all that is. We can start by creating moments in our daily life to connect with a sense of gratitude. And from here to start recognizing the tools we already have available to ourselves that we otherwise might be overlooking.

Every step is one step more.

Start making small and consistent steps towards achieving what you want to accomplish instead of crumbling beside the big picture in a state of overwhelm of how you're going to get there.

Questions are the answer for finding your way.

Start a habit of asking questions, some of which become BIG questions, which for me are about awakening vision of our higher selves. And by inhabiting this vision, we find ourselves in a position to say YES to the things that are most important.

Saying YES means saying NO

Being proactive to make a change, which often means saying no to the sorts of things we would otherwise say yes to. And In having the courage to voice your truth by saying no, You'll have more energy to focus towards what matters most.

Whatever it is, just do it now.

When acting from a foundation of essence, you'll began have more confidence. You'll start authentically and purposefully embodying your inner truth.

Find your way, and then find your way again

Authentic and purposeful embodiment. Visionary voyaging is a process that starts with inhabiting a certain mindset to connect with our inner guide, opening awareness to the message, making the decision to show up when and where we are needed, taking actions, reassessing, and then trying again.

Recognize it isn't necessary to play by 'the rules of the game'.

We come to embody our magic with a sense of naturalness by embracing creativity as a holistic practice, an act of prayer, as part of our human naturalness.

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